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Allergic reaction to mung beans

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Ds (age 2) has multiple severe food allergies, including wheat, peanut, and a moderate soy allergy. I fed him "bean threads" as noodles and he has a horrible (though not anaphylaxic) reaction. Now I'm trying to decide the exact cause. The only listed ingredients were mung beans and water, and the product was imported from Taiwan. Here's what I'm trying to figure out:


*Are mung beans too closely related to either soy or peanut? I Googled and Googled but didn't find them listed on lists of "foods of avoid", though it did say that Chinese or Asian foods often contain peanut and soy.


*I've also heard that imported foods often don't list trace ingredients. Ds does have awful reactions to the teeniest tiniest trace of wheat. Do you think bean thread noodles might have contained a little wheat too?


Obviously I'm not going to feed him those bean threads again, but I'm trying to figure out whether we need to avoid mung beans (which would include bean sprouts) or avoid imported foods. TIA!

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I think it is possible that it was a cross-reaction to the peanut allergy. My son is also allergic to peanuts and has had a reaction to split peas. Peanuts are legumes so they fall in the same family as other beans. So while it is definitley possible that there was some other contaminent or unlabeled trace ingredient that caused the reaction, I think it is also possible that it was a cross reaction to his peanut allergy and you may want to watch his reaction to other legumes closely.



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