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Has anyone tried to synchronize R&S English levels 3, 4 and 5?


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I gather (from previous posts) that it's possible to synchronize R&S English, as it was written to be taught in a one-room schoolhouse, starting with the lowest level and working up, leaving the increasing grade levels to do their written work as you progressed to the next level up.


But how do you do this? I notice that the Units/Chapters do broadly correspond in each book, but the Lessons are less easy to line up. Has anyone done this? Or know how it can be done well? I'm struggling to figure it out alone, and would love to have some help!



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I think what I'm looking for is the details of which lessons from one level go with what lessons from the next level, so that you can teach the two (or three) levels simultaneously.


DD11 and I are learning grammar together, and because I don't really know much, I want to make sure we don't miss anything important through my ignorance, kwim?


Any other ideas?

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