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How much space do the SOTW mp3's take up?


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I want to get an iPod, but I'm not sure what to get. I'd like it for music, but I also want to get the SOTW CDs or mp3s on it.


What I'm wondering is how much space those CDs or mp3s take up. I was thinking I'd get the iPod Classic which should be plenty of space, but it sounds like lots of people on here have SOTW on their iPods for their kids to listen to and it doesn't sound like they all have the Classic.


I'd like to have all of the SOTW volumes over the next few years. Should I go for the Classic or the iTouch?



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I just got my ipod touch 64GB today in the mail. I had already downloaded my SOTW vol 2, 3 and 4 to my iTunes. It looks like to me that all 3 are about 3 GB of memory. It says I still have 56 GB left. I think that if you bought one of the bigger ipod touch you would be fine to put them on and other things. Just depends on what you want the ipod for as to if you want the classic or touch. I wanted to do more with my ipod then just music. So far I'm glad I got the touch....but time will tell!

Good luck!

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