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  1. At the end of the lesson, there will be a page that says what the reading is. It is not on every lesson, so it probably hasn't started yet by lesson 3. You can also go into the account and look up the list on the right hand side under Documents. It states what week and what book/pages for each day. I am using it for my two children, one for level 1 and one for level 2. It will be their reading books so that I can tie History and Reading together. They will complete the work after the history lesson. Some of the level 2 books have literature guides they can complete.
  2. We love Home Art Studio DVDs....you can find them on a deal at Homeschool Buyers Coop. We also enjoy www.thevirutalinstructor.com.
  3. We loved Vol 1 and it gave my kids an excitement for science again. We are doing Apologia this year as we do CC so we're studying Astronomy this year. Next year, CC does anatomy so we plan to pick up the Sassafras again along with Apologia. My kids will be excited to see the next adventure. We hope to do the whole series.
  4. We love Sassafras Science by Elemental Science. It's an adventure series about some twins who ride on invisible zip lines to study things. Vol 1 is on animals and she's coming out with Vol 2 which is human anatomy. My kids LOVED it so much and learned a lot! http://www.sassafrasscience.com
  5. I'm the opposite from the above post. I went from AAS to Spelling Workout. It got harder to keep up with AAS as it's teacher intensive where I could give my boys their SW book to do more on their own. They practice their words by using the Spelling City app/web site. I like too that SW has things that they might see in a standardized test like editing and different kinds of activities using the words. I liked the idea of AAS but it just didn't work for us.
  6. I love my pro-click. I just used to it make pdf files into books. I get a lot of use from it and find the supplies at Office Depot.
  7. If you look at the history sentences for Cycle 2...they are Middle Ages only for the first half and then they go to Wars of more modern times. I always get frustrated trying to follow another curriculum with it since CC history sentences are not in chronological order. So this year, I realized that I need to base it off of our new wonderful Timeline....so we are coordinating the timeline with Mystery of History Vol 2/Story of the World Vol 2. I think that will finally help me feel like they go together!
  8. We are using the Earth Science right now. I much prefer her Sassafras Curriculum but the Earth Science has been ok. Looking forward to Vol 2 of Sassafras coming out.
  9. My 4 year old daughter loves her Foundations class. My son who is 7 started in K4. It's a great place to start and they learn right along with everyone else but there is no pressure.
  10. From the Sassafras Facebook page "The second book in the series will be Anatomy and we expect to release it in late spring of this year. After that, I can't give exact release dates, but we are going to keep working on the project until it's complete. The series as a whole will cover zoology, anatomy, botany, geoscience, geology, astronomy, chemistry and physics. The order will be released as we release information about future volumes. If you have anymore questions, please let me know."
  11. Sassafras Vol 1 came out this year and she is currently working on Vol 2 (Anatomy) but has not stated a release date yet. Your dd could read the book on her own and fill out the logbook. Then she could use the Animal Encyclopedias to expand the info on the animals. It's set up that each chapter has a location that they travel to where they learn a little about the location and then the expert helps them learn about 2 animals of that place. There are extra pages where she could do research of topics related to that chapter to further her experience. There are also lists of living books that she could read with each chapter and experiments to try out as well. My 2nd and 4th grade boys just love it! You can see samples on their website and Paige, the author, is very happy to answer questions. We're excited for book 2!
  12. They do have a clearance section depending on what you're looking for. One thing is that they do have a GREAT return policy which you don't have if you buy it from someone else so to me t's worth buying from them.
  13. So far there is no discussion of creation/evolution or old/young earth. It's just an adventure story about 2 kids who zipline through space to different locations to collect information about the animals. These things have not come up and I think she's tried to keep it neutral so that it can be used by anyone. That way you can discuss it based on what you believe.
  14. Elemental Science has a new curriculum called Sassafras Adventure....which my kids love and beg to do! It's an adventure series where two siblings race to different places on an invisible zipline. At each location, the learn a little about the location and 2 animals. We read the story, notebook and do activites. It's really fun and we're learning a lot! Book 2 is coming out hopefully this spring/summer and is on Anatomy. www.sassafrasscience.com
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