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Can someone please explain to me...

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Ah, thank you... that's a great photo, by the way!!


ETA: Hm there is no "copyimageurl" option when I right click a photo on my blog. There's "copy image" and "copy image location." Would I "copy image location" and then paste? And then do I have to put img and /img in brackets at the beginning and end of the link it posts?

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I think it's not because Sunday School is "evil" but because of the foundational premise that says kids aren't ready for "real church."  It divides church into real church and, what?, pretend church?  I don't know, but it's a reality that the division is there. it's explained as "church at their level," but it's still a division.  We were every interested in the protestant rendition of family-integrated church for many years and were usually the one family in church who kept their kids with them in the main service. We attempted (sometimes not very successfully) to not judge others, but aside from that altogether, we do know it was very beneficial for our family. 


When we converted to Orthodoxy, we were very glad to see that family-integrated church was innate and organic.  It's always been there, isn't a statement of any kind, it's just what's done.  Everyone attends together in the one service because that one service is life-giving and we're all full members who need to partake in it, and to receive the Holy Eucharist. It's just not an option to have some of the members off somewhere else.


Too bad I can't do it with pictures that are just stored on my computer, but at least I know what to do now. Thanks! :D


Most Internet service providers give you a certain amount of web space for personal use. You can upload your pic to the web space (using an FTP program - CuteFTP is popular, but there's probably a free one out there, or the ISP may provide one), and then use the pic's URL to post it here-there-and-everywhere. It's a bit of a pain to figure this out, but worth it as it is a very versatile thing to be able to do. (I use Dreamweaver to do FTP stuff.)



You would need to ask your ISP how it works for you; there may be an FAQ page somewhere or other you can consult.

You'll need a few more variables to do the FTP, but it's pretty easy.

Call your ISP and see what they offer you. That way, you can host your own pics for Craigslist ads, for family to download, to post here, and all kinds of other things.

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