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different grading scales on transcript

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Although I am putting A- or B+ or A ( thought I don't put A+...even if it is 100) on the transcript. On the side I have 90-100- A, 80-89 B, etc. I am doing his GPA just 3 points for any kind of B and 4 points for any kind of A. Should I just put A or B? Or should I continue to do the + and _ and have the scale for those? Also, he made an 84 in AP Statistics this fall, which was a B+ on her scale. So if I don't scale, I can just put B+ and it works out ok.



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There are so many different ways you can do it. I just put the actual numerical grade along with an assigned letter grade (90-100 = A). Then adcoms can do what they like with it.


Our ps does:


98-100 A+ 4.3

95-97 A 4.0

92-94 A- 3.7

88-91 B+ 3.3

85-87 B 3.0

82-84 B- 2.7


and so on. I like my way better.

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