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Is there an easy on dye shampoo?

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There are many different brands of color-safe shampoo on the market now. I use Biolage Color Care. Another good one is Redken. I wait for it to go on sale at the salon. Pennys carries it and there I can usually get it for buy one get one for 99 cents once a year. It may seem more expensive, but in the long run the brands the salons carry last longer because they are more concentrated and end up being the best deal.


Some shampoos are color safe even if they don't say so on the front of the label. The best thing to do is ask your beautician for recommendations, but do some comparison shopping before you buy.

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Is there a shampoo (or non-shampoo) that you all know if that is easy on the colorant of dye in the hair? Thanks!



Get a "Sulfate Free" shampoo. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the big mean chemical that strips the color from color-treated hair.


Unfortunately, it's also the chemical that causes shampoo (and body wash, and toothpaste) to foam. So, you may not get the bubbly experience you're used to when you switch to a sulfate free product.


There are many brands of salon color-friendly (sulfate free) shampoos. Some that come to mind are Mastey, Pureology, Enjoy,

Onesta, and specific formulas of Paul Mitchell, Biolage (possibly all), etc.

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