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You must talk to me about your Sony ereader, is it hard to use? Does it do all of the things the Nook or Kindle does? I can't wait to get some money and get me an ereader, right now the Nook is in the lead because I can get it locally. What other books do you have on your list to read? I'm going to be doing the reading challenge as well, i'll start this week. Thanks

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Ok....I love this thing...love...love...love. My dd got a nook, and hers is nice, but mine is...nicer :D


What I like:


It has a touch screen where I can highlight text and it loads it onto notes with the book and page reference.


I can download books from my library.


It has a shortcut to Google Books...which i haven't fully expolored.


One thing that drove me crazy was trying to figure out how to get Adobe synced on both my laptop and my reader. I somehow did it with the helps on the Adobe site, and mussing with it.


It is easy to set up and go....I beleive I can download books from B&N, or any e-pub books. I can d/l audio books from Librivox for my kids.


I think the Sony reader feels more sturdy. The case is metal, not plastic. The reader screen is crisp and clear (but not color.) I chose not to get a color nook because i didn't want the back light. My eyesight is really crummy, and the stress of a backlight would be awful.


So, anyway, I haven't had as much time to play with my new toy as I would like, but I am really enjoying mine.


I think my dd loves her Nook as well. She found it extremely easy to use and figured out how to download free books easily.


Hope you love your new reader, whichever you choose, as much as we love ours!



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lol!!!! My Dh won't choose for me, he says, "get whatever you want." I have to wait for the tax refund anyway so hopefully, i'll have a clearer picture of what I want by then anyway. The only reason I was considering the Nook is because i've played with it a bit and saw what it could do. Our Kohl's has a Sony e reader, but it was boxed up so I couldn't get a good look at it. I did read some reviews and none of them were favorable, I suppose if I got one and needed some help with it, I could pester you, I mean ask for your help, lol. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer my many questions and i'm so glad to see you posting on your blog again. I'm going to start the book a week challenge this weekend and i'm glad to see you're doing it.

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