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Anyone use VP Online Academy? Thoughts?


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Looking for some relief next year for my soon to be middle schooler. He has been a self learner pretty much the past couple of years. I am due to have another baby in April and am looking for curriculum that is classical where I do not have to oversee as much. Was looking into this and it looks pretty good but wondering what luck people have had with it. How challenging are the courses? How much time or homework goes in for each course per day? Any suggestions appreciated!

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My dcs are taken various classes through VP. Some online and some self-paced. Although we are not enrolled in the diploma program, our experiences with VP have been wonderful. I really recommend them highly. I am currently toying with the idea of possibly enrolling them for the diploma program, but I'm not sure whether it would benefit our particular circumstances.


Bottom line: Excellent program. No work for mom, other than making sure your dc logs in and attends class on time. Work load and homework very reasonable, challenging, but offers lots of guidance. Dc love the fact that they can also chat live with instructors and other classmates.



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