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  1. UCF - University of Central Florida in Orlando has the College of Education and Human Performance which offers two tracks in the Sport and Exercise Science Program. They have a Coaching track and they have the Human Performance track. Both tracks have required and elective Kinesiology courses. The college ranked number six in the nation for exercise science. This is their website. Highly recommended. http://education.ucf.edu/sportexscience/
  2. History of Airpower with Lt. Doremus is excellent!
  3. Thanks Cave Canem! We are looking at doing fall semester courses through HES. Also looking at their expository writing classes. Have your students taken other classes with Harvard? Do you suggest taking only one class at a time or do you think taking two classes a semester too much of a workload for a high school senior?
  4. Thought I'd give you a bump, I would like to know the answer to this too. We have been looking at HES lately. Have you taken other classes there? Thoughts?
  5. Care to share the tutors contact info? Pretty please? My son was enrolled in Russian 2 for this fall at Landry, until they cancelled it bc they couldn't find a replacement teacher for it. Now I am scrambling trying to find other options. 😟
  6. Not to get off totally off topic but....can I ask you about the Japanese Level exams? I really don't fully understand how the levels work or when these are useful for? Sorry for my ignorance but I was just wondering and I thought you might know since you seem to have advanced study in Japanese. Thanks! ðŸ˜
  7. UPDATE Ok, so I just received an email from Landry about the new Japanese teacher. It seems that she has backed out and will not teach the classes after all. Landry will make a final decision by this Wednesday on what to do. I feel really bad for Landry, I can tell they are having a hard time finding a Japanese teacher who is also a Christian ( per their requirement). Actually, I think that considering that only 0.09% of native Japanese are Christian ( including all Catholic and Protestant denominations) it is going to be a tall order. It is a shame that they won't consider a nonchristian teacher in this case.
  8. For Landry's class they used the Beginning Japanese series from Tuttle. We liked the book and the teacher was very thorough. Unfortunately, because of family issues she will not be returning. So we are left in the same boat as Emzhengjiu, in fact, I think our kids are I the same class! Emzhengjiu, I haven't looked at Potters japanese yet, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Otherwise, I currently know a Japanese lady that can tutor the kids....May have to go that route if all else fails.
  9. Maybe look at Landry academy? I see that they are offering semester long courses on Cold War 1 and 2, History of Airpower, History of Communism Russia and China, Civil War, WW 2. , etc. The courses are listed under Geography, specialty courses. We really enjoyed the classes at Landry the past couple of years, and this years too. http://landryacademy.com/classes.html#History_/_Geography
  10. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate all the input. It has given me more to think about and consider. Such a tough thing to pick curricula for your student...keeping it interesting and engaging, but also academically solid...especially when the subject is not ( and never has been) appealing to the teacher. :) Thanks again!
  11. Ok so this is what I have found to compare. Here is the Kinetics Physics for Engineers TOC: http://www.kineticbooks.com/products/textbook/Physics%20for%20Scientists%20and%20Engineers/index.html And here is the TOC for Saxon Physics: http://www.exodusbooks.com/Samples/SAX/SaxPTOC.pdf They each look really different, but maybe just the order that topics are introduced? What you you guys think? WWYPick?
  12. You may be right about that, I wasn't completely certain as I only have second hand knowledge and have never worked though any of there problem sets. Someone at some point reported to me that it was, but that could be erroneous.
  13. Yes, I checked out Kolbe, but they use the Priniciples Physics version, not the version for "Scientists and Engingeers".... And I kinda wanted this version. :(
  14. Ok, I am all ears. I need to pick a physics book and I have narrowed it down to these two. I need to have something self teaching with a solution manual for a student interested in possibly engineering or architecture. I love the graphics of Kinetics physics, the coverage in their table of contents, and that it is calculus based. My gripe is that I can't get the Kinetics people to sell me a solution manual, which could be a deal breaker if my kid gets stuck because I will not be much help. With Saxon Physics, I like that Dive will have lectures to all the lessons and a solution manual included. I think it teaches the calculus that is necessary to solve the problems. Not sure of the coverage of topics is as extensive as compared to Saxon. What to do? Help Please!
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