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who sells on half dot com

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Not really. I keep track of what we paid for the books, look at what the text is selling for, and decide what I want to ask for it. If it doesn't sell reasonably soon, then I might go in and edit the price.


I think we certainly do better than if we sold them back at the bookstore.


ETA: Of course, the kids generally don't buy them at the bookstore either!

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How is that working out for you? Are your books moving out at all? Anyone care to compare selling on half.com to amazon? I prefer to buy from amazon, but remember reading awhile ago that half.com books move faster.


I've been "on vacation" for six months, but my books sell a lot better on half than amazon. I prefer to buy used from amazon too. I don't remember the different payment structures, but I do remember that half has (had?) a higher minimum price ($.99?) than amazon ($.01). I list my books on both just to cover the bases.

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We've sold about 100 books on half.com. We recently listed our 60 unsold books on Amazon. It raised our sales at both half.com & Amazon. Amazon's selling fees are a bit higher than half.com for us. I believe they both pay directly into your checking acct. (Ebay uses paypal.)


Basically, it is an easy way to earn about $50 a month for us. We are heavy book buyers, so this is an easy way for us to get rid of the books we no longer want. (It's a hobby, not business.)


Indeed, I listed 8 of my dd's college textbooks on Thursday (both AZ & Half), and 7 of them sold in 24 hours. But this is highly unusual.


I would suggest that you list just one book (that is valued around $10), and see how it works for you. We do not bother with books valued at less than $5. (I sell these to friends at church, or donate to our local library.)


You will NOT get rich quickly, but it's a nice way to earn some book money from home. You need to print out packing slips & address label each time. We re-use padded envelopes to save the $1 cost of each large one. You have to ship within 2 days of the sale, so that is sometimes a challenge.


It's a lot easier to sell books/movies at first to learn. (Ebay auctions are much more challenging to list--requires pictures, weight of pkg, timing and pricing strategy.) You're basically adding your book to a list of the identical book that people are already selling. Half/AZ pay you a flat shipping fee, and charge you a sellers fee. They are usually ABOUT equal, to help you estimate.


I'll close, but just to say that experience is a great teacher . . . and also its something your older children can learn to help with.

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Thanks for responding, I think I'll give it a try with a few books. I'm really just looking to recover a little of what we spent on some of these books and not go into business. I have several hundred books that have to move and many are just too pricey to send off to a library sale.

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