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My funniest New Year's gift

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For the last two years we have had friends join us for our traditional NYE fondue-fest. They have three children (and a g-ma this year). My friend brought me a gift and was so excited about it - it was the laminator that had been on sale at Amazon (was like $16 down from $90) and some laminator sheets. I had to laugh because she was so excited as she had bought herself one too and we could laminate things together. Then in comes my 7 yo, looks at the present and says "hey, Mommy, look it is the same laminator that you bought yourself for Christmas." I felt bad for my friend because I realized I had never mentioned it to her, and I didn't want her to think she has wasted her money, so I am taking the laminator I bought and gifting it to another friend who I did tell about it and I know she really wants one, and now all 3 of us can laminate together.


Ah, homeschool moms (and great minds) think alike.

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:lol: Gotta love kids. Mine did the same thing this year. They are bad with duplicate gifts, and don't understand the best thing to do is say Thank You and not mention that you already have one. Oh well!


Too cool that your friend got you a laminator, though. Great gift. Better than another set of scented soaps or pajama pants. :glare: Ask me how I know. :lol:


Your other friend is very lucky, too!

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