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Nintendo Dsi web browser filters and search engine

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Anyone care to discuss how they are managing the content on their child's DSi? I have a twelve year old boy - and I can't look over his shoulder everytime he's using it - plus I want him to be able to do some things like his email and access his blog.


I went ahead and used the astaro filtering as per the instructions, but then I went to restore system settings and the filtering disappeared!!


I'm also curious if anyone has been able to do a safe search either google or yahoo? Is one search engine better than the other? I wasn't able to lock the strict safe search on the DSi browser.


So if you are a parent that prefers to use filters, etc. I would be interested in how you are approaching the DSi internet access.



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Well we use the internal filter (that comes with the DSI) which means they can't get ON the internet unless I give them the code. Or, you're saying you want them to surf safely without paying attention to what they're doing? Can't say I've figured that out. I always watch if they do something internet related on the DSI.

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We also use the filter (password) to prevent ds from going online. My impression of the DSi with online use was pretty hokey. Any flash webpages do not work. Have you tried it? It took forever to load pages.


But to be safe, I have him ask me permission (He doesn't know the PIN) if he logs on. Basically, he only uploads photos from his DSi to his Facebook account. (I also monitor his FB account and have the password to it too.) He has a sub-account email addy tied into my main Yahoo! account. HTH

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Anyone else have any ideas to filter content rather than blocking the whole feature??


We just may resort to blocking it all together - but I'd like to be able to give him some leeway in using the features. (But since his screen time is limited - he probably won't use it much for web browsing anyway.)

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