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Workout/weight loss Q: Why am I losing lbs. but not inches?

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So I've now been working out at a gym and doing Weight Watchers for almost three months. I work out 3x a week, doing 30 min. of cardio and about 20 min. of weight machines each time. When I can, I do another day of just cardio.


I check in with my trainer at the end of the month. As of the end of Nov., I had lost 10 lbs., reduced my body fat %, but not lost any inches. I think I've lost another couple of pounds since then, but my clothes are still not getting loose (except the tiniest bit)! I really thought by Christmas I could be down a size, or very close.


I know I'm gaining muscle and losing fat, and my body does look different. When will my clothes get loose? When will I drop a size?



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