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Shipping/paypal question....

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Hopefully I can get some advice on this "issue" I have come across : ) I sold some curriculum, and was paid for through Paypal. I shipped through Paypal, so it generated a label with the address that the buyer has associated with their Paypal account.

Package was returned to me as undeliverable. Turns out the buyer has the incorrect zip code listed in Paypal.

So I am assumming the label I already paid for is now void, and will not be refunded since they attempted delivery and returned to me?

Meaning I must now pay again for postage to re-ship? But this should be the buyers responsibility since they had the incorrect info listed in Paypal, right?



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I would contact the buyer, let them know that the zip code in the paypal database was incorrect and the package was returned to you. They may be wondering where it is. I would let them know what the shipping expense was and ask them to send that amount again due to this error.


Then go from there. They may say, sure. :-) and you're done (any reasonable person would if they indeed made the error in the database).


If they bulk at it, then you get to decided if you just want to refund them and resell the product(s). You will have to weigh out those things personally. Maybe it is worth it to go halves, etc. But who knows for sure.


Good luck!

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It wasn't mine, was it? ;)


I moved in June. Paypal won't allow for me to update or delete the credit card associated with my Paypal account, so I try to remember to put a note in the payment with my new address. Usually this works. However, I've had two items shipped to my old address, and the new person living there claims she's never received them. So I'm out the money and the product. :(


All that to say, as a buyer stuck in a similar situation, I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to pay for shipping again and actually receive the item I purchased.

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