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  1. We will be using Analytical Grammar for my dd's 6th grade year. I am wondering what others have used along with that to round out Language Arts when using AG. Thanks! Dawn
  2. Did you find yourself skipping over certain parts, or just reviewing? I could tell from the samples that we would not be ready for Level 2 of AAR after MFW K, but I suppose it's not that big of a deal like I am making it to be : )
  3. Hi, we are using MFW K, but I will not be using MFW First Grade next year. I am wondering if others have gone this route, and what you moved into after? I am interested in AAR, but am not sure what level we would move into. Thanks! Dawn
  4. I picked up the full Coral level set, including the TM for $50 on ebay. Otherwise, my plan was to wing it without the TM.
  5. Trying Mosdos this year as well, for 5th grade. I am using the TM, but only because I found a stellar deal on it. Super excited to get started!
  6. First, I love Rod and Staff spelling...I love that it is rules based, and I believe that the work dd does is challening enough for her. However, in 3 years, she has missed only 2 spelling words total on tests, and often complains that the words are not challenging for her. She really does not study her words, beyond doing the assigned work. I would like to challenge her, since she is good with spelling, and desires to compete in spelling bees. Any ideas? Has anyone added challenge words to the curriculum to step things up? Thanks! Dawn
  7. Hi, I am just about decided on Biblioplan, but unsure which components to utilize. I am absolutely determined to use SOTW for a spine, but needed something to add in the Bible/Church aspect to it. Biblioplan seems to fit the bill. However, I really do not want to use their companion, but would utilize the Journey Through The Bible and other titles scheduled to cover that portion. If you have used this curriculum, can you tell me if we really need the companion as a spine...are we missing something that links these if we don't? I had contacted Biblioplan and they said we don't absolutely need the Companion, but I wanted to hear it from those who have used it. Thanks!
  8. I hope someone can give some good insight on this for me. I recently began researching MOH and SOTW, and fell in love with the layout/setup of MOH. I however have some concerns about what I have seen mentioned elsewhere...is it TOO heavy on Bible/Church history at the expense of other world history that should be taught? When I look at the table of contents, I do kind of get that idea, but since I do not have the book in front of me I cannot see if perhaps there is more material covered in the chapters than what is listed in the table of contents. I definitly like doing the Bible and church history chronilogically with world history, but not at the sacrifice of it. I have thought of instead doing SOTW and adding in bible to that, but I really fell in love with MOH and the mapping and activities.
  9. My dd is in 4th grade, and every year we have tried a boxed curriculum and failed to complete it. This year, we tried SL, again. I do love it...but the fact is, we are spending much more time on history than I feel we need to be, and with a newborn in the house, that will just not work for us. I have again started to look at SOTW, and I believe it would meet our needs and is a great curriculum. But, I am wondering if she is too old to start the series? Also wondering how much time I could expect to spend on this with a 4th grader, as I would do the activity guide/maps, and additional literature. Thanks! Any input is greatly appreciated. Dawn
  10. Can you tell me what this looks like in your homeschool? I am planning to use WWE and also the writing exercises in R&S, but feel we should be doing more actual writing.
  11. This is one of the few things I would actually say to see a Chiropractor for. The area you are describing sounds like it could be stemming from the back.
  12. I am expecting at the end of September. Trying to get our school year started early so I can have a couple of weeks off at that point, but I am not expecting that a newborn will be much of a distraction, since my 9 year old should be able to do a lot independently. Dealing with my 4 year old during school, and getting it done with him will be another story!
  13. I have absolutely loved Math Mammoth, and don't feel anything is missing. I would say the solving of word problems occurred in the 2nd grade Light Blue level. I am not strong in math, and have had no problem teaching it. I would say I have even learned some things already! We are working a level "behind," but I know that dd has more depth in her understanding of math than the typical child. And Maria has always been available and quick to answer any questions : )
  14. Hi there...wondering if anyone has a Sonlight coupon code from a convention that they not going to need? We didn't make it to our convention this year, and I'd love to get a discount on my order. Thanks! **got one - thanks Pastel! **
  15. We are planning a birthday celebration for my Mom, who is diabetic. She is super fussy about her carbs, and will not treat herself (even on her birthday!!!) So, we are trying to find a recipe for cake, cheesecake, or something suitable for a birthday...I see a lot of recipes on the internet, but I have no experience cooking with Splenda or such. I am wondering if anyone has a recipe (that they have tried and loved) to suggest. Looking to stay under 12 carbs for dessert. Thanks!
  16. Simple question...1 story roof. Do they belong up there helping an adult do work on a roof?
  17. I think I am set to use PP this year with my dd, age 8. She is absolutely obsessed with Little House, and since we live on the border of MN/WI, it will be easy for us to tie in some field trips and state history with our studies. Before I firm up my decision, I have a few questions, just to be sure : ) I have heard people say this was their most enjoyable year of schooling, and I find great value in that...however, was it also really educational? My intention is to use this in all areas. Would you truly consider this to be strong enough in science to be used alone? I would be adding in library books, and expiriments as well. Is there any mapwork included in this curriculum? Thanks! Dawn
  18. We finished up R&S 2 and went on to FLL 3. I couldn't take it anymore...it was thorough, but it was incredibly boring and repetitive for us. FLL is every bit as thorough, but is a better fit for us.
  19. I do. I am thinking of using MFW ECC next year as well, and my views sound pretty similiar to yours. Funny thing, I just realized that part of the reason we "left" MFW previously was because I was expecting more from the projects...looking for that big, involved thing. Well, that doesn't get done. So I am actually looking forward to going back to the simple stuff. MFW is designed to be enough alone with the books included. There is also a large list in the back of each teacher guide of "book basket" books that you may add to expand on the topics. But, you don't need this portion, or to do it all the time IMO.
  20. I agree. I feel like I may be completely missing out on things I am looking for. I'll come across something else I was looking for while doing a search for something else :glare:
  21. And I haven't discussed this with dh...I don't believe he has the issues that I do though : )
  22. First, I am blessed with super in-laws, all considered : ) But, I feel I have a bit of a dilemna. I have never left my kids (8 and 3) overnight with them, but they stay at my Mom's instead when needed. I know my MIL feels bad, and she is constantly making comments about the kids staying over sometime. Here's my problem (and this does not really apply to my 8 year old dd, as she has spent some nights there.) I can pretty much count on there being anywhere from 2-6 other grandkids spending the night at any given time. My dh's sibs dump their kids off constantly...and that would especially be the case if they found out that my kids were there. If they hadn't been planning on it, they would decide to so "the cousins can all play." Couple of issues for me...why can't MY kids have a special weekend with Grandma/Grandpa? Sorry, the other kids are there ALL the time! Second, and most important...I am not fired up about the level of supervision of my 3 year old when there are potentially up to 8 kids to watch. It seems pretty common sometimes for Grandma and Grandpa to think that the older cousins will watch out for the younger ones. Not good enough for me, especially given that they live on a hobby farm with an old barn, electric fencing, horses, a creek, and a small lake : O I have another weekend coming up that they will go to my Mom's for again, and I am feeling bad that she is the only one I ask to watch them...and that MIL IS missing out : ( Am I off base in my thinking with this issue?
  23. Yes, I do. We started with MFW...switched to me pulling together my own thing for history..which didn't get done...to SL....quite a core halfway through. Recently I decided to do SOTW next year...but was hung up trying to figure out whether or not to do Biblioplan with it...and now I have settled on MFW again! It wasn't perfect...but it got done, and my dd seemed to learn while we did it. I WILL tweak some, and add some...but for me, this is the answer. It is the curriculum that is laid-back enough as is that I feel I have that freedom, while maintaining my core focus. I've just realized, I can't drive myself crazy anymore. It's exhausting!
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