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Gift for 10 year old film maker wannabe - flip camera or video camera?

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I'm not sure I even know what I am asking. My 10 year old son has always wanted to be a film director. I don't even know how to use a video camera. There is a flip digital camcorder with 120 minutes and 8 gb on sale for $100. Would it be better to get this or a regular camcorder?

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Thanks Rough collie. My 19 year old tech savvy son got up to watch the lunar eclipse and said the same thing - so it's ordered now. Only a few more to go.



Now, do you know how to pick out boots for a picky teen age girl? Who never or rarely seems to think anything item of clothing I pick out is at all presentable?

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My DD got a flip camera for Christmas one year. All the kids loved it. They spent hours writing plays and filming them.


I'd go with a flip for a child.


My oldest ds is in a power chair and he got himself a flip. He carries it on his lap and I can not tell you the number of times it has fallen to the floor, someone has picked it up and it still works beautifully. I would thing for a starter recorder it would be ideal.

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