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MAP test for math placement?

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Well...I'm taking a deep breath here. It turns out my dd is way more unhappy at home than I understood/was ready to admit. And for many other reasons, today we met with the pre-AP program coordinator at the local middle school, and I have to say, I was impressed. Based on dd's ITBS scores, she'll get in with no problem and be able to take honors courses. (no Latin, *sniff*)


For math placement they use something called the MAPS test-- or might be MAP test. I've never heard of it, but their math coordinator feels it's the most accurate way to place students.


Has anyone heard of this test, what should we expect, can we study? ;) She's been doing fairly well with Chalk Dust prealgebra. I tried googling it, couldn't find anything.


Thanks for any info!

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It's the NWEA Measure's of Academic Progress test. It's a computer adaptive test. It goes from 2nd to 11 grade. DC keeps progressing until she starts missing problems, then the program drops back to fine tune where she is. The test starts off somewhere in the middle so it can be quite a shock to some kids to see the first few problems be difficult. There are samples on the internet. Let me know if you can't find them. You'll get scores for computation, algebraic thinking, geometry, statistics and probability, and problem solving. So it can really show your child's strengths and weaknesses.

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