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Wii owners, please help on wii accessories questions.

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I recently bought a Wii for my kids. When at Walmart buying this I noticed there was only a few nunchuks left so I grabbed them. Not noticing they were not Nintendo licensed products. Instead they are Nyko.


Anyone have these? If so what is your opinion on them? Do they work with the Nintendo remotes? I bought my remotes off of Amazon and they are the Nintendo licensed ones, so I don't have to worry there.


Thank you for any help.

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Hmmm... If you're worried walmart will take returns without receipts, so you could take them back, but I'm sure they're less expensive than the Nintendo ones. I wonder what the complaints on Amazon were about... They don't seem like very complex technology.

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Is it this one?




I would be a lot less worried about one with a cord than a wireless one. I looked on CNET, because they usually have good tech reviews, but I didn't see one for the corded version.

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