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I am so tired of paper. Daydreaming about graphic tablets...

Guest Dulcimeramy

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Guest Dulcimeramy

I'm in my 10th year of homeschooling, and I have four students this year, which means I handle 537 pieces of paper every day.


That's not counting the binders. I mean, I haven't actually counted the papers, so it may be more or less than 537 pages, but I am certainly up to my eyeballs in paper all day long.


I used to be such a Luddite. I loved to have print copies of everything and I loved for the boys to hand-write and draw all of their work until the high school level.


Now, I am just so sick and tired of binders and paper everywhere. I'm also very comfortable with the computer now, and I feel very prepared to teach the boys to use a computer for their schoolwork. The older boys are already proficient in Word, Excel, Blender, Wordpress and LiveJournal, etc.


I would like to move my homeschool into the digital age.


Can you picture this? I would like to get a computer for each of the boys and equip the computers with graphic tablets. I do not want typing to totally replace the beautiful cursive that we labored to learn, so if they could write with a stylus for copywork and some essays...


Also, I bought TOG DE for my oldest, who will be Rhetoric level next year. I plan to just shoot him the pages he needs onto his computer, have him write his lessons and shoot them back to me. Click, click, click.


I can't wait.

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