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neutrogena 7-day acne intervention kit

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My 15yo has been using the Neutrogena 7-day acne intervention kit this past week and it has really made a difference in her skin. She isn't completely clear, but her skin looks better than it has for the past two years.


She needs a simple skin treatment regimen. Nothing that's more complicated than Neutrogena's kit.


She can handle washing her face and applying something to it immediately afterward 2x/day. That's all. She won't keep up with a regimen that takes 20-30 minutes 3x/day. It's got to be something she can do in 5 minutes or less no more than 2x/day.


She was using the Neutrogena Wave, but that stopped working for her pretty quickly. My 12yo is having good success with it, but not my 15yo (or my 17yo for that matter).


She has been using an apricot scrub from Queen Helene almost daily along with Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask 1-2x/week (not on the same days as the scrub).



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I took my son to a dermatologist. He was very young (only 9!) when his acne began. It was only on his forehead, but was scarring and painful and looked awful. Poor guy...


The dermatologist prescribed Retin A along with a topical antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide wash. He uses the wash in his shower each day. The antibiotic goes on in about 15 seconds in the morning. The Retin A takes under a minute at bedtime.


He now has very few blemishes -- maybe one a month. This is instead of probably 30 each month. He has had no side effects, his scars are completely gone, and the cost has been less than the drug store regimens.


He is very happy about his clear skin, and was so relieved that there was something he could do about it. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but a trip to a dermatologist may be worth considering.

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