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RamonaQ, MomofC&A, anyone else, which IPad to buy?


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AS we were discussing this on a previous post, I'm looking into maybe finding special deals for an IPad.


What do I need to look for? The basic 16GB which retails for $499.99. Does that have the applications recommended? I am technologically challenged. Don't know much about technology. If I'm asking a stupid question, you can laugh but be patient w/me.


Does it have the dictionary where you can touch a word when ds is reading a book and the definition pops up (kindle has this from what I read), TTS, is this all on the basic one.


What do you have Ramona? What did your therapists recommend MomofC&A?


Thanks for sharing.


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Snow day here! dh is home early. He says the iPad is just the basic one, 16GB. I just tried it...You can look words up in the dictionary. It is clunky with the TTS, it is easier to just turn it off, look the word up, turn on the TTS.


And Aps-- you download from the iStore. Some are free, some are not.

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Sorry, I have been gone a lot today. Our doctor didn't really mention any particular type of iPad. I assume she meant the basic one. She did say if we decided to buy one to get back to her to see if she had finished her resource list of apps to use with it. I am also not savvy with technology so that might take me a while! I need to wait until my college ds is on break so I can ask him to help me with all of my tech needs and questions. He is rather anti-iPad right now. Not sure why...

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