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Got a meatball/pot luck question

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I am making turkey meatballs for our co-op TG lunch tomorrow. I will be busy teaching from 9-12. I made the meatballs last night and froze them. Originally I thought to bake them tonight and refrig overnight, and reheat in a crockpot tomorrow.


But, won't they get all mushy? They are not in a sauce, they are separate from the sauce which will be on the side for dipping. It's a sweet sauce and even though I know bbq and other sweet sauces are fine to have them submerged in, I want this to be separate (these are asian flavored with a cranberry-hoisin dipping sauce).


Or I thought I could get up early in the morning and bake them. Then put them in a large foil pan that I can then keep in a low oven at the location. That way they won't be quite as piled on top of eachother and maybe less moisture would accumulate? I don't want them to dry out, but everything I ever do in my crock pot involves something saucy, so I'm just not sure.


Pot luck professionals please advise! :D

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