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Any computer Geeks here? Cable confusion -

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You need an HDMI cable (expensive) to connect the two. Dd's using dh old Dell which is about 5 years old. That computer does not have the ports to connect to our new (year old) TV.


Now you might be able to connect the two via a monitor cable, but you won't get any sound.

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From my dh....


The 7 pin thing that looks like svideo is most likely both svideo and component. Your laptop probably came with two cables/adapters - a 7 pin to 4 pin svideo cable and a 7 pin to three connector component adapter that plugged in that hole (not at the same time of course). Unfortunately, if you don't still have these, it may be difficult to find ones that are compatible as they are often proprietary depending upon type of graphic card and component is often a pain to get working anyway with TVs due to timing incompatibilities.


VGA to HDMI requires an adapter and most modern HDTVs are 1080P which means that the resolution is 1920x1080 which would probably be overly demanding on a laptop that old unless it was fairly high end for its day and also has problems because VGA is analog and HDMI is digital and converting is trickier than one would think. Some TVs in that time frame were also 720P which would be more doable (1280x720 resolution) performance wise. You can buy an adapter but depending on that hardware and aforementioned 1080P or 720P resolution dilemma, your mileage may vary. VGA to HDMI adapters can be found here:








but the last one is pricey and still may not work.


Another option depending upon the type of Dell laptop is to look for a docking station on ebay. If the laptop has a port on the bottom for plugging into a docking station, these typically have DVI ports on them and going from DVI to HDMI is easy and inexpensive (same electrical just different connectors). These docking stations are cheap on ebay or craigslist and the adapter only cost $7:




On the audio, a Y stereo splitter will work as you mentioned - plug the 1/8" jack into the headphone or audio out on the laptop and then run a red/white audio cable to the TV.





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No cables came with it, no docking ports on the bottom - it's an Inspiron 6000.


Will my above idea not work?

"VGA to component for the video (the red/green/blue cables)"


I also see they have 7 pin S cables that switch to 3 RCA cables (red/white/yellow). Both ends match connections, maybe that is an option along with the audio Y?


I'd like to avoid a converter box if possible.


I appreciate your help.


He said that if you could find the correct VGA to component adapter it might work, but only if the video driver properly supports outputting component video and many in that era didn't. The 7 pin to 3 RCA you mention will probably work but the max resolution will be 1024x768 or possibly even 800x600 but that is probably ok for most content - the TV may put some large black bars on the sides or top and bottom but it should work good enough.



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