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If you've tried the free trial for Veritas' self-paced course...please comment


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If you've done the free trial and then moved on to the paid version, could you tell me if there are any differences? My dd11 has really enjoyed the free trial for the Middle Ages (and that's saying something, because she really dislikes history) but I'm wondering if there is more to the program than I am seeing because it's not the full version. Are there any writing activities (or any activities for that matter) that are given with the paid version? I'm not looking for a lot of extra fluff but if there were some tied-in writing assignments, I'd be thrilled. I'm aware of the readings given at the end of the lessons...are there assigned readings beyond this?


I need to make a decision and I'd hate to shell out the money and find out that it was just the novelty of the presentation...and that there's no more to it and she may lose interest when the novelty wears off.


Thank you,



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We sampled it and my 8 year old LOVED it (NT/Greece & Rome). The trial version IS the full version. To add in writing you're on your own . . . you can purchase a teacher's guide for this though. A couple of ideas include:


1. Talk to OhElizabeth who is using VP self-paced on-line history with her daughter. She is adding writing and would likely have fantastic ideas here.

2. Join the Yahoo group (VP Elementary) and poke around. The ladies there are likely discussing this :).

3. Hopefully Heather will chime in here . . . she is using it with her 2nd grader. I don't know if she is integrating any writing since her daughter is 7 (maybe 8 by now :001_smile: ).

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It's four weeks of the full version. I do think the teacher book is worth getting for extra projects and the occassional literature units, but I don't think the projects are necessary at all. I ended up buying it and I am so, so glad. My daughter is learning so much more than I was able to teach her and it greatly lessened my teaching burden. She loves it and is really retaining the vocab, the maps, and more...

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