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Professional tooth whitening-anyone have any hints/tips on what to get?

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I want something that works but won't damage enamel. I tried the whitestrips at home before and they were ok but I want a little more whitening than that can give.


Should I just go with whatever my dentist offers? I see spas and everything are offering tooth whitening now. Are there types I should stay away from, or alternately something really good I should look for?


ETA: Also, generally what are the costs that you've paid? Thanks!

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I spoke to my dentist about this last week. He is REALLY good and will never try to sell you something you don't need. Number one he said NEVER go to the places where you go in for an hour and are done. They are a scam he said (he bought the machine and had to refund a lot of patients money...years ago). The best way is to have trays made for you and then use the gel. The trays can basically last forever and the gels last a long time - you need to redo it every six months or so.


My dentist sells this service (custom trays, gels) for $200, which is cheaper than others - most seem to sell for $300.

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