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I've never used a grammar text until 4th/5th grade until last year when I purchased the island level of MCT. At that time my 3rd gr twins knew the 8 parts of speech. (I teach the parts of speech through copywork/dictation and go from there). They had learned different usages of nouns (do, io, op) and we had discussed subject/object pronouns. Most of Grammar Island was review, but it really seemed to cement that knowledge plus they loved the stories and pictures. I was very pleased with the retention they demonstrated at the beginning of this year; of course, I continue to review grammar when doing copywork. All that is to say I've been please with MCT.


Anyway, my plan was to use Practice Island this year, teach diagramming and continue with our copywork/dictation then move onto the town level. I've noticed several times now new concepts thrown in Practice Island. The latest was a sentence with a participle. This was never covered in Grammar Island.


I'm wondering if this (new concepts showing up in the practice book) is common with MCT.

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