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Noise canceling headphones...do they work?

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Our house is very loud...my 2 oldest have a heavy school load and it is hard to concentrate...we really have no room for desks upstairs ...looking for alternatives.

Has anyone used the headphones? They are pricey...where did you purchase from?

Thanks for any help you can give :)



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I have a set of Logitech brand wireless headphones, which I use to talk on Skype and listen to NPR streaming. They aren't made for the sole purpose of noise cancelling, but it is a feature. Boy, does it work, and it drives my kids nuts (I can't hear the incessant "Mom, mom!", ah darn!)


I would say such a device would be a good investment.

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I travel on airplanes frequently and I have used noise-canceling headphones for years to reduce jetlag. They really do work! But eventually I got tired of having yet another battery-powered device. Last Christmas Amazon had a lightning deal on a pair of noise-isolating headphones from a company called Etymotic. They were expensive, but I got some discount from the special deal. The fact is that I LOVE them. They are light weight and they have better sound quality while blocking more external sound than any of the noise-cancelling headphones I have used in the past. Not everyone likes (or can use) earbud-style headphones, but I prefer them because they are small and light to carry. In any case, it is something else to consider. Good luck with your purchase!

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Active cancelling works pretty well for common background noises (fans from computers, lawn mowers, etc.) but my experience is that they're poor at damping out human voices. This is helpful on the plane so you can converse but block out the drone of the engines & wind.


I use simple marshmellow-soft earbuds to reduce noise. I get them at Wal Mart typically for $15 to $20. I wear them on the airplane and for mowing the lawn and they do a great job. Essentially they're like earplugs but with a tube for audio.

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