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FLL 1-4, will this cover everything?


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I promise I ran a search to try to find this answer. In the same vein as the earlier MCT threads, I'm wondering if FLL 1-4 covers everything? What do I mean by everything? I'm not quite sure. I know it doesn't cover spelling or writing. I'm thinking about all of those little things- synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, punctuation, and the many, many other things that I don't know 1-4th graders are supposed to be learning. Thanks for the input!

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All those things that easily turn into forgotten side-notes... I know what you mean. They do get covered, but sometimes you have to wait awhile (FLL3 or 4) for certain things to come up - such as changing the spelling of a word to add certain suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms... I didn't realize FLL covered these until I cracked open levels 3 and 4, which have sections on writing letters and dictionary usage as well.


I think the key as the teacher is to either a) relax and know that this stuff will come up again before the end of 6th grade in whatever program you choose to follow FLL, therefore the child doesn't have to master it and keep it in the front of his mind now OR b) when "odd" little tidbits like these come up, write them down on a master list you keep in the front of the TM as a reminder to review all of those things weekly (or however often you deem necessary).


I've got all 4 levels here; my levels 1 & 2 are the older version where they are together in 1 book. If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to dig around in the books for you.

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