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Oak Meadow Chemistry -- s/o of Chem thread

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So, I'm looking at OM Chemistry using the Prentice Hall Chemistry book for next year.


(High School Science -- UGH, this is complicated!)


Has anyone used this?? Can you give me some idea of your experiences?


Looking at the OM site, I see they have a $350 package with the syllabus, lab manual, text, a second text, and lab supplies.


The OM syllabus & OM lab manual are just $25 each, so that's easy.


Both texts are available much cheaper on amazon, which makes me think it'd be smarter to buy them there (and makes me wonder why OM has them priced a good bit higher than both Amazon & the publisher. . . What's up with that?)


Then there is the $200 lab supply kit. . . I am wondering if anyone has purchased this? There isn't much detail on the OM site. . . Considering how overpriced their texts are, I am wondering if the supply kit is similarly overpriced. Has anyone purchased the OM lab manual (which hopefully would have a supply list) and then obtained their supplies from other sources? How much cheaper was it? Was it terribly inconvenient?


I don't mind overpaying $20, or even $50, on a $200 item just to support OM & for convenience. . . But, I'd be pretty miffed if I bought it and realized that it was overpriced by a LOT. Plus, there are likely to be some items that I already have from other Chem kits, etc., so that might result in additional savings. Can anyone give me feedback on that?


Also, if I go with the OM Chemistry, (and buy the solutions/answers guide as well from OM, of course). . . are there any OTHER resources that would be advisable? What about a TM for the text? Would that be helpful at all?



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I'm trying to figure out for myself if it would be worth it to buy their lab kit vs. just buying the supplies I'd need from Home Science Tools.


I'm going to be teaching it as a class to several kids though, so I doubt that getting the lab kit from OM would be anywhere near cost-effective.


All I have right now is the text (from amazon), the syllabus (OM), and the TM (OM). I'm going to need to order the OM lab manual to see if it's worth using or not.

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I'd recommend buying the texts from Amazon, which I did. I purchased the teacher manual, syllabus and lab manual from OM, as well as the kit. I don't remember paying $200 for the kit, however! The lab kit is very handy and the labs are worthwhile. The sylabus lists all the materials included in the lab kit; it includes many chemicals (in tiny amounts) that are not easily available. Despite the expense, the lab kit is worthwhile because it make the labs easy to accomplish. My three daughters are doing chemistry together, and they share one lab kit (they each have their own text, syllabus and lab manual, however!). You will not need a separate teacher edition of the text.

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