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Visual and Auditory Skills Tests Needed

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A friend of mine asked me in an email today:




"I am looking for a couple tests to give my kids. I would like a sort of visual observation test where they look at something, then I take it away, and they need to answer questions about what they saw.




I would like another test where I read or tell them a short story and then they need to answer questions about it. Something like 2 boys went to the park with their 3 dogs, one dog was brown, etc."



I can see she's looking for visual/spatial- and listening-type skills tests. Anyone know what these are called and any links to sites that may sell them? Anyone use these types of tests/activities before? I did find a couple books at Rainbow Resource but wanted to give her a few more ideas, if possible.




Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thank you.




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I'm not sure what her concerns are/why she wants this but I got this book from our library (interlibrary) when someone here suggested it for my son who does have visual processing issues. It was very helpful and has an auditory section as well. http://www.amazon.com/Helping-Children-Overcome-Learning-Difficulties/dp/143923180X


Critical Thinking Company has a series of visual perceptual skill building workbooks that I used for my son. Visual processing is way beyond what she's mentioning though. The typical testing does include look at this figure and then which was it. Is that what she wants or is she more looking for remembering detail about a painting? I'm a little confused based on the description about what her concerns might be.


Similarly, I'm not sure what she's trying to test with the auditory skills. If it's auditory stuff at a base level I'd recommend looking at the above book as it has as section for testing on that as well and the visual was so helpful here that I'm sure the auditory is good as well. If she's suspecting a learning disability in auditory processing she would want formal testing I think. If she's concerned about reading or listening comprehension it seems you'd just know if that's an issue without a formal test of any sort and, if so, address it? If they aren't comprehending I'd be looking at their ability to visualize what they read or hear and look into a program like MindPrime or Visualizing and Verbalizing I think.

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