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AP Government or Notgrass

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My son and I are looking at next year for 11th grade and trying to decide what he should do. This is what is for sure:


Spanish at the community college

Apologia AP Physics or Chemistry ( I have both books I got for a dollar when store quit selling homeschool stuff!)

Chalkdust Precalculus

Health- semester course designed by me, easy

Finances- semester course designed by me, easy other semester


Now, for history and English

He can do PA homeschoolers AP Government course that looks tough, but really fun. My son LOVES to read political cartoons and editorials and since the discussion is all online and not face to face, he would love that. All of the writing would be tough, but good for him.


Or he can do Notgrass American governent as an easy, one semester class. Basically, read the chapers, take a test, write a one page paper ( if I'm looking at it correctly) SO different from TOG and Sonlight that we have always done. But he may want easy.


For English, we can do TOG year 1, I guess which is also a choice for history, but he will need government and it seems logical to break between 4 and 1 for government than between 1 and 2. Or I did well on the AP literature exam. I can just craft my own great literature we've missed so far class and just practice writing AP type exam questions along with regular writing... Or he could take an online writing course that might help his writing as well...


I'm just not sure. I laid out the choices and he's thinking. Does the hive have any thoughts??


(To be honest, I want a break from TOG this year. We've done 4 years and my daughter will be 4th grade, which is the perfect age for a Sonlight type curriculum I created for my boys in Texas history many years ago. It was fun. I can't wait to study it with her. I was thinking my middle child who will be 9th grade would just do whatever history my 11th grader ended up choosing...that is if he doesn't go to ps, which is a possibility.)



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Given your son's interest in political cartoons and editorials, I'd vote for the PA Homeschooler's class. Given the heft of his overall schedule, one possibility for English/Literature might be Lightning Literature. Have you looked at their Speech option? It uses the book Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History as its base. I could see that working well with his political interests. For the other semester, he could choose a second Lightning Literature package that looks interesting, or he could do a semester long online writing class.




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