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Organizing the basement. HELP!!!

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The other day I was fed up!!!!!! My basement had become the land of NO return. So we are tackeling it. (on wednesday but Thursday and Friday I wasn't home) today I am painting it. Even the floor. My laundry is down there and I hate going down there! So I want to have it nice and organized too. Does anyone have good organizing tips? We Use it for storage (@the moment everything is in a giant pile we dig through.) I also store all our clothes down there. I would like to have it a nice room like my livingroom. Not a make sure the basement door is shut when someone knocks.

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I am in the process of doing the same thing. Half of my basement is painted (nesting urge 5 years ago!) and I used paint for floors and it has held up great. I am thinking about painting the other side (the painted side is the kids' playroom). The "other side" is just storage. I just had a garage sale so I kept pulling things out. I did notice a slight mold or mildew on some things, so I recommend getting a dehumidifier. We had one and it broke, but will be getting another.


Anyway, I had a carpenter build me shelves on that side of the basement and I store everything in sterlite containers. That way the bugs don't get into as much. And by bugs I mean spider. I label the outside of the containers so I know what's in them.


I am also working on my garage and am buying a huge commercial shelving unit from Sam's. I can't find it on their website, but it's $139 in the store. Maybe it would work for your basement.

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