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High School Biology in Your Home, has this program ever been discussed?

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Is it user friendly? Rigorous but not over whelming? Anyone seen it?


The format could work very well for homeschoolers. Essentially the week's topic is laid out; the student does his research on the topic using a standard biology book, library materials and the Internet. There are worksheets to guide the student and answer keys for the teacher to insure that the student is on track. The author of the program, Bridget Ardoin, has devised this so that the parent meets with the child (or a group) weekly to go through the assigned concept, do labs, etc.


Ardoin has a degree in microbiology. She told me that as a university student, it was expected that she read her text, do research, make connections. This is the methodology that she attempts to lay out in this program.


I think that it would work very well for a small cooperative group of students who like to read and research. Literal kids who need to have everything laid out for them may need more handholding in the beginning to develop independent learning skills.


I liked the look of this program, but ultimately chose the big Campbell book used in AP Bio. Modern Biology is taught on the cellular/molecular level with evolution as the mechanism that moves things along. Ardoin's materials are more like the biology of my youth: systems and taxonomy. Many parents will have a greater comfort level with it. Evolution is left to the end in "The Great Debate". In fact, Ardoin encourages kids to do their own research and then literally have a debate if you are working in a coop setting. I am not sure that this is adequate for students who may go on in biology in college, given how so much of modern biology focuses on evolutionary factors. Although, given how Ardoin's program has students performing research on topics from the get go, I suppose one could approach systems and the cell from evolutionary perspectives all along, if one is so inclined.


Hope this helps.



P.S. Ms. Ardoin was very approachable. I'm sure that she would be happy to answer questions by email.

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