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Feeling a little off balance


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Mostly because I feel we are falling 'behind' due to me being sick. Now it's only been a week, but those weeks will add up.


I am finding dd6 is happier if we only tackle a couple or three things a day. So I'm trying to decide if it is wise.


I am thinking this


Alternating OPGTR with AAS, it will be 2-3 days each, alternating what gets more every week.


Alternating FLL with WWE, as above.


Alternating history and science


Alternating Health and Religion


Then if she's fast, she gets extra time for other things she really likes. Art, Music, etc.


I just feel so much more relaxed when we aren't trying to cover as much, and she senses it.


So I was thinking


Day 1:







Day 2:







Then music and Art. She is motivated to do those so she does a little everyday.


I have found that sometimes, we do work in the evening, she'll want to read to me. Or want to work on a science project, or work on her history coloring pages. We have done a full blown session in History at 7pm.


I am trying to find our rhythm. Does it really matter when we do it?

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I am trying to find our rhythm. Does it really matter when we do it?


This is how we do it. Doing everything every day causes me to burnout. We do FLL 3 times a week and phonics/reading practice 3 times a week. history/science are rotated (actually MT is history and WR is science with F leftover for anything we didn't finish. I find it's easier to do two days in a row of a subject like that).


take control and give yourself some peace back!


btw everything seems harder when you are feeling rotten. It will get better!

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