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Money Saving Idea for Preschoolers

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We recently purchased several Kumon books -- Easy Mazes, Tracing, Number Games, etc. -- and while I like them, I thought, "One line, and there goes the page." My husband suggested cutting the pages out and putting them in plastic sheet protectors, but we came up with something even better.


We put the Kumon tracing page under one of those clear, vinyl desk protectors. It's bigger and firmer than a sheet protector and simply stays on our table all the time now. When our daughter is "working on tracing" she can slip the page underneath and write with a dry erase marker. When she is "working on drawing" she can put a piece of paper on top and use a pencil, and I don't get marks on my dining room table! Nice. She also likes "practicing the pages," because she likes to get it just so, and have that sense of mastery from doing the pages more than once.


Hope this helps someone out there.

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