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Olympia/Lacey Area

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We're moving to northeast Lacey at the end of the month, and I'm wondering if the locals can help us get settled. We're coming from Tacoma so we know the area a bit but don't know much about actually living there.


How is the library? I'm use to having several libraries within a few miles of home but I see that there is only one library in Lacey. How is the selection? Hold process? Helpfulness of the librarians? Is it easy to get a hold of the books you need in a timely manner?


What about homeschool groups? We aren't interested in formal co-ops with weekly classes, but rather a more social group. We like to get together for informal play time and field trips. Is there anything like that down there?


Anyone interested in getting the kids together in November? You can see my kids' ages in my signature. My daughter is very outgoing and usually gets along with almost anyone. My older son loves math and taekwondo. He's a bit more socially awkward but really wants friends. My three year old is a bundle of energy that is only quiet or still when asleep. My one year old is at the getting into everything stage but her cuteness makes up for it...almost. :D


BTW, if you don't want to out your location on a public forum, feel free to PM me.

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Guest Michelle



I'm a little late getting to this so you have probably had the chance to check out the library but, of the Timberland Library locations, that one (in Lacey) is very good. I actually live in Eatonville but I'm not to far from the Yelm location so with the reciprical card program I have used Timberland a lot in the past. They used to not charge late fees but I heard that has changed.


I know you said you were from Tacoma but in case you never had the chance to go I would highly suggest the Hands On Children's Museum in Olympia. It is so much better compared to Tacoma. I love taking my kids there and my older kids want to go "help" with the babies because it is so much fun. If you do go look for BOGO coupons because it can add up quickly (I get them from NW Trek because I don't live that far from it and can pick up a couple when I'm driving by. Pt Defience has them too but you might get lucky online as well.)


As far as homeschool groups I know there are a few but I can't remember any names. It was a little far for me to drive to so I never look to closely.


I hope this helps a little,


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