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Is my thinking correct?


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We back tracked a little with math this year to fill in some gaps for my son. I have Saxon 3. I'm trying to find a good starting point. The first part is super easy for him. I was thinking I would have him do the assessments until we get to one he can't do, then start from there. Does that sound right?




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I agree with the others that that's a great way to do it, assuming all of the skills covered will be covered in the assessments.If he misses problems on certain skills but gets everything else in certain chapters you could cover those skills as needed instead of doing the entire chapter until you get to a place in the program that he needs to cover more thoroughly.


Also,it 's not a dumb question. You never know what bit of information you may pick up here you didn't think of when you ask questions so there is never any harm in asking. :001_smile:

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