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Would this be enough for Language Arts k-4?


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I am currently having my dd(7) read aloud from the Beginner's Bible each day. She is also doing copywork and AAS level 1(almost ready for level 2). I have also been using Kiss Grammar which is working fine. I would however like to make things a bit easier. Since we are already using SOTW for history, I would like to chose copywork sentences from SOTW and have her underline the subject once and the verb twice in her copywork along with marking the complements as shown in kiss grammar. Besides AAS and readers, is this enough for second grade? I started babysitting to make extra money and have to admit that I need to simplify cause the baby is creating distractions during lesson time. I end up pushing alot of work to later in the evenings and sometimes it just does not get done. I am hoping the "newness" of the babysitting will go away and harmony gets restored soon.:tongue_smilie: Or should I try something like Queens LL or English for the Thoughtful Child?(all in one)





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I have EftTC and I think (as regards grammar) it is way more basic than Kiss Grammar level one. What it does include extra, is poems for memorization, pictures for study and some composition. You could download the original book by Mary Hyde and pick and choose which parts you want to do. Alternatively, you can get EftTC for a few dollars from half.com if you prefer to have it readymade in workbook form.

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