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Two 7 Year Old Boys Need Penpals

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I'm not sure if I'm going to get many (if any) responses, since I'm so new here, but I figure it's worth a shot and I'm more comfortable asking here than paying a random website dinero for penpals that may or may not come through.


We're a military family in TX, soon to be moving to TN (within the next year or so, God willing, with DH's retirement). Both boys are interested in "survival" subjects such as the outdoors and wilderness, cooking (and eating LOL), cats, insects, snails, and reading (4-5th grade level). We're looking for penmanship and grammar practice, as well as friendship.


Thanks for reading!

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Guest climbingmomoftwo

My son is six and would love a pen-pal. He isn't writing on his own, but I would be more than happy to transcribe a letter for him. Let me know if you are interested. It sounds like our boys have a lot in common.

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