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  1. Way to go! My dd #2 will be starting ninth on the 21st.
  2. So if she did not finish Biology until 10th grade, I enter the credits for 10th and then it just looks like she did not do any science in 9th. Is that right? Would that not look odd? Are they used to that sort of thing? Lakota
  3. Sigh, yeah. We've tried checklists. It works somewhat for the Aspie who loves order but the really self-centered kid would rather not do it, rip up the list and yell at me. With regards to the idea that the checklist takes the fall: It is not the checklist making her do it-she's intelligent enough to know who came up with the checklist! I fell for that with timers. She has torn up 5 timers so far. And she knows who buys them and who sets them. She is not mentally deficient and apparently has not read all those brilliant parenting books. With a very impulsive kid who cannot see the value in delayed gratification, there simply is no consequence nor any reward motivating enough. And parenting these kinds of kids is truly worthy of a medal.
  4. Well, yeah, duh. I have read and applied numerous parenting books' advice to that effect. Catch them being good, praise their efforts out loud where others can hear, etc. Been there, done that but it has never made my lazy kids not lazy. Neither have the explanations about expectations that at 8 they can get it themselves. I have to make them be helpful-ie threaten them with consequences if they don't help and then thank them for being helpful (which they of course did not actually want to be). I guess I am just saying a stinky shoe is a stinky shoe. At some point I am going to get tired of calling it a rose in the hopes that it will magically turn into a rose when it has been a stinky shoe for years and has no interest whatsoever in being anything other than a stinky shoe. ;-)
  5. Ok-I have heard this label stuff alot, esp. from hs moms. What I would like to know is, if your child is being truly lazy and it is infuriating and disappointing and you feel he needs calling out on it, what do you say? If you can not label sin by its name, what do you call it? And is it ok for the child to get the impression that he never actually does anything sinful-there's always some "connection parentng" positive name for it? I have 2 lazy kids-one is especially dependent (but I think she might have Aspergers-oh, wait, that's a label :glare: ). So I try to enforce chores and we have also tried to do service projects. But the daily "get me this, do that for me", etc. continues (and 8 and 9 is where I draw the line at being like their servant). So what the heck does one call it and is that helpful? And will simply labeling it positively and finding something that interests them fix it?
  6. Nope-tried Khan too. She has only found both sites, at best, to add to terminology (she said "so now there's 3 qs?" I just got used to 1.")-it is just confusing her.
  7. Help! My dd16 is struggling with Apologia Chemistry. The explanations in the text are not cutting it. We went to their site and tried the online support but that didn't help either. She really needs someone to explain this to her in plain English, step by step. Maybe another student who is doing well? Is there any such resource? I am no help-I never did advanced science. She is on module 3 but has only understood about half. Lakota
  8. Don't know, but I'm right there with you. I find myself feeling "book-whipped" when I realize how much more rigorous SWB's recommended schedule is, in WTM, compared to ours. I grimace and vow to straighten up. But I am keeeping the spectrum metaphor in my mind and just moving us gradually closer without stressing too much on the particulars. Lakota
  9. So what if you had that card, what would you get? I need help! If I had about $150 to spend at Office Depot, I would get:
  10. I have about $132 on an Office Depot refund card to spend and am having trouble deciding how to spend it. I also have a little bit of rewards banked to add to it-about $20. Can you guys weigh-in on this and help me decide? The dilemma: Thinking of buying my first tablet, but Office Depot overprices them! The Pandigital is the cheapest and it is $169.99. Any online coupons you guys know of? They have so much stuff and I just can't decide. If I didn't get the tablet, what else? Used some already to upgrade my 3-in-1 printer, so that is out of the running. Supplies? It has to be merchandise-can't cash it in and buy a cheaper tablet elsewhere-unless you guys know some tricks I don't. If it were you guys, WWYD? (I would ask WWJD, but I'm pretty sure they didn't have this dilemma in ancient Palestine:D). Lakota
  11. My daughter has mostly used the text with the cds as backup-opposite of what everyone else is saying. I had to encourage her to use the cds because sometimes it made the difference in correcting a mistake. But she is very old school and prefers to learn most of her subjects by reading. So she gets out the book and notebook paper to work the problems, uses the cd for reinforcement or to see if it helps her understand why she missed whatever she missed. So it depends on the kid. Make sure you don't make the mistake of letting it depend on the parent ;). Your style and your kids' can certainly vary.
  12. Cool-good to know they last so long. My MIL loves her Malibu, but I did notice the 2010 has less trunk space. That is where the HHRs tempts me-plus it just looks cool. Lakota
  13. Are there any HHR or Malibu owners out there? I posted kinda late, so I'm bumping.
  14. I am shopping for a used car with three priorities: cargo space gas mileage price range of $6,000-$10,000 So far, we consistently like the Chevy Malibu and Chevy HHR, 2008 or 2009 being in our price range. Any one want to chime in? Does anyone have any HHR bubble bursters to share? I really am leaning in that direction, but hate nasty surpises. I don't care about stuff like cheap plastic interiors, but safety issues are big with me. Some reviewer mentioned visibility problems with HHR-maybe like backing up or blind spots? I noticed my MIL's Malibu had a bit of a blind spot. Lakota
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