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when a doc says "stay off your feet as much as possible....

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for 5 days" what does that mean to you? should I call and cancel my leadership meeting on Sat. morning (which means I'd have to miss the Monday night BSF class)? should I cancel my date with dh to see the local college baseball game? (even though he says he'll drop me off at the gate and it's not a long walk from there). should I stay home from church?


and how do I keep peace in the home until then? I have 7 kids, 3 teenagers, who are a great help (when they're home), but they don't possess the patience of a parent yet with the littlest siblings....


and all those house projects for the beautiful weather this weekend....weeding, painting, building a fence....


what do you do when you stay off your feet? it's been soooo long.....

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it means STAY HOME and put your feet UP. Alas - errands and warm-weather chores must take a backseat. Kids can bring you drinks and nestle with your to read together on the couch, you can pop in a video - just keep off your feet! Teens and hubby may need to readjust their schedules to help with younger kids for a few days.

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It depends on what the problem is...is it a foot problem, or is it another body part? If foot, then I would probably go to the woman's meeting and pull up a chair for my foot. And skip the rest of the stuff. If it's other issues, then I would probably rest and recline and enjoy the beautiful weather while working on my tan and SUPERVISING the yard work :D Your kids are plenty old enough to take care of themselves and each other.

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