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Anyone use Complete-A-Sketch??


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I got level 2 for my son at a used curriculum sale. I really think it would be great for him. He hates to draw "pictures" But he loves drawing using "tools" like rulers and compasses. I am having a hard time helping him with it though. There is no instruction on how to make the figures. There is simply one incomplete picture. Some of them are easy to figure out but others are very difficult. Is there any book or website that could help? Also I just noticed that in the back of the book there is one sheet of paper that is kind of like graph paper. I went back and read the directions but it says to make the diagrams on blank paper. What is the graph-like paper for? Should we be using that for the drawings? It looks like it could help to make the pictures correctly.

Thanks to anyone who has any input about this program!

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The books build upon each other. Your ds may need level 1 prior. Both my older two have used this series, they started at the beginning and went through the levels. One is artistic and the other is not. They just used a fine pencil and ruler, then looked at the picture. I personally like the Complete a Sketch CD Rom that has all three levels and bonus material.


:iagree: Try starting with Level 1, which is very basic. This will make Level 2 much easier. And the Advanced on CD-Rom is fabulous! My dd11 has used this program for a couple of years and she LOVES it. Complete-a-Sketch is one of those materials I always mention on "Undiscovered favorites" threads, especially to moms whose kids (usually boys) have no interest in doing "fine art" or original art but still need the fine motor skills. My dd does like doing fine art and anything to do with building/3-D modeling/sculpture/power tools (my dh is a professional model-builder, so he's an excelletn helper for her) but she also finds C-a-S very satisfying. She actually wants to go on to the Practical Drafting program by the same author.

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