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Sonlight K questions


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How long does it take you per day?


We started homeschooling yesterday and I'm finding that to fit in everything that I want to do, which is Sonlight K, SL Bible and science, LA 1 including ETC, HWOT, and math- currently RS A it is taking I think around 4 hours! Roughly both of my daughter's naptimes. Now I'm sure we get distracted here and there with my 3 yr old and have a snack time/potty break thrown in but this seems like a lot. We start after we eat lunch in the morning and finish just about when my husband gets home in the evening. This seems too long. Maybe it's just because I'm figuring out everything and the initial instruction takes a while.


Other random questions:

Do you use Create-A-Calendar or an alternative?

Is Go A to Z! just a deck of cards with the letters on them?

What do the binder tabs have on them? Week numbers?



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We use Core K plus everything else in my sig for 1st grade and it's about 2.5 hours of school. I also have both of my youngers running around since I refuse to hs during nap time. We start in the morning (10 am) and are done by lunch. We also have snack breaks during school since my oldest seems to need food every hour. He recently said his favorite thing about hs'ing is unlimited water breaks LOL.


I think it can take time to get into the swing of things. Also, we had a lighter schedule last year for Kindy because things took longer with a younger student. Maybe there's something you can cut if it doesn't get better. I didn't want to do school more than two hours so we didn't do as much. My ds is so much faster his year! What a difference a year makes.


We do use Create-a-Calendar. I like it and think we'll order a new one next year too.

I don't have the LA game since I use a different LA program. Sorry I can't help with that.

The binder tabs have a tab for each week, appendices, history sudy guide, read-aloud study guide, and reader study guide.

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Guest TheBugsMom

Do you do these hours together or throughout the day? Are there lots of breaks for wiggles to be gotten out? I found that with my boys I would do a subject or two then let them go play for a while, then back for a few minutes of school for 2 more subjects. Doing this until all was complete. Another thing you could do is the read-alouds from SL can be done at anytime during the day. I did these while they would swing, play in the sand, bedtime, bathtime, and so on....or have dad do the readings after dinner.


We did the create-a-calendar and my dd loved it. I used it for our geography studies. Each month we would color the picture, talk about the country, find it on a map (which leads into geography talks: what continent is it on? what ocean is it near? where are we? is it close to the country? what climate is the country, and so on), get books from the library on that county, and then colored a map of the country and flag of the country. It is a great learning aid.

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