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Vocab vs spelling question....


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Thanks for all the advice given to me so far!

I've made up my mind to ditch the Winston Grammar and LLATL and AAS for my 11 yr old "accelerated learner".


I will be ordering MCT (town or voyage level? The answers I get seem to be mixed). He is a very fast learner, but he hasn't been doing challenging work up until now. He has been in public school until now.


However, I've also been reading that maybe spelling isn't necessary? In fact he said he didn't even do spelling last year in 5th grade...rather they did some vocab.


So does MCT cover vocab? Or what vocab program would you recommend? He learned to read early and so fast that he never got the usual reading instruction that most kids get. He also very rarely read outloud and always read to himself. Therefore I've noticed him sometimes mispronouncing words that it seems he should know and not knowing definitions of other words that he can read, but has never looked up or been told the definition of.

I'm not talking about basic vocab, but more of an advanced vocab is what I'm thinking about.



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I'm interested in the Caesar's books.


We are stuyding vocabulary through Latin right now, though I want to add Vocabulary from Classical Roots very soon.


Ds was in school for the first time last year -- they used the Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary series. It required very little study time and few of the words were really a challenge for him.


I like the etymology/word roots approach -- gives a child the tools to help figure out words they've never seen.

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I would also look at the Magic Lens Series if he is going into 6th grade. I believe that Voyage and Town are meant for 5th and under. I would suggest looking up the scope on Royal Fireworks Press website. I have the Magic Lens Series for my 11 yr old, and he is finally challenged. The vocabulary is impressive in my opinion.


I use Spelling Power for spelling. With Spelling Power you have spelling lists for all your kids, it also is only 15 minutes. I have modified it with my accelerated speller, we do 5 wrong or half a list. My 3rd grader likes that she gets to set a timer, and mom has to stop when it goes off.

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