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Vocab Overkill?


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Well, I haven't seen or used Vocabulary from Classical Roots, so feel free to ignore anything I say :).


With that disclaimer, we're doing Caesar's English 2 & First Form Latin, and even though there *are* some redundancies, I don't regret doing both. I think it takes a lot of working with a word or root for my children to really take ownership of it to the point that they could use it in their own writing or encounter it in literature with absolute confidence - i.e., no stopping to think, "What does that word mean again? Oh, yeah..." But that might just be my particular children. If you feel that your children are really assimilating the derivatives in FFL, it's very possible they don't need a separate vocabulary program. I don't think it would be quite enough here, though.


Also, does Vocabulary from Classical Roots cover Greek roots as well? If so, perhaps you could just do those sections? Just a thought :).



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