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MUS Geometry question....

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For those of you who have the MUS Geometry book, I have a question.


Does the book open with an introduction to points, lines, rays, angles, circumference of a circle, etc? I mean, does it start from the very beginning of Geometry, on the assumption that the student may not have had Geometry along the way? Or does it pick up beyond the volume of a cylinder?


My D took a whole year of Geometry in public h/s and only some of it "stuck". She now needs a refresher/review....she remembers some Geometry from middle school, such as the Pythagorean theorem, and the area of a parallelogram is the same as a rectangle; that kind of thing.


I hate to bring her all the way back to Middle School if not necessary. I am hoping that just by working in the MUS Geometry book, a lesson a day (plus or minus) will be enough to refresh her and clarify some issues before she proceeds on to Pre-Calc and Trig.



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