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Which movie production of PRINCE CASPIAN is most true to the book?

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There is an older movie (1989): Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (library or netflix; it comes form a BBC miniseries, is 180 minutes long and does both books) which is much better than the Disney one which cam out a few years ago.

Granted, back then, they had no good special effects, the animals were people in costumes- but everything was truly according to the book. Not altered and added scenes.

In the Disney movie, there are scenes added which are absolutely not true to Caspian's and Peter's character (in the book, he does NOT choose to attack Miraz' castle, nor do the two of them fight about it)

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My daughter was hugely disappointed that Caspian was so old in the movie. It's a series for children and the age of the characters is hugely important to the kids who identify with these characters.


I haven't liked any of the modern Narnia movies yet. They have everything except a soul. ETA: It's the kin of movie making that sort of dictates, through lighting, music, camera work, every darn trick in the book, how exactly you're supposed to feel every moment of the movie. I disliked Avatar for the same reason. The BBC version leaves room for the viewer to bring something to the viewing.

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