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Korean Curriculum?

Cami in UT

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You may want to check with any Korean churches in your area. If I had known we were going to move to Korea when we did, I would have put ds in class there. We had some Korean students at his PS, and that was what they did, Korean school at the church. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to tell you. If he's just interested in learning Hanguel, that is actually very easy. He'd then be able to "read" any words he saw. Speaking the language, not so much. Good luck!

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My daughters are both adopted from South Korea. Part of the reason we want to homeschool is because we want to incorporate as much of their culture into their education as possible.


As for resources I would second the Korean church. Koreans are very warm and gracious people. They love to share their culture with the community and I think you will find them welcoming. Korean adoption is fairly prevalent in many areas of the United States and chances are there is a Korean school local to you. We live in New Hampshire (one of the least diverse states) and we have a Korean school about 30 minutes from our home. We will be starting Korean classes on Saturdays (as a family) as soon as our youngest daughter turns 3 in December.



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Three of my children (11, 9, 5) were adopted from Korea, and my biological daughter (11) also is big into Korean culture. We love incorporating Korean food, language, music, and culture into our daily lives (did I mention the food?!)


We tried the Korean Rosetta Stone, and even with a basic working knowledge of Hangul alphabet, grammar, and vocab---and two Korean friends helping---it was HARD. Really hard. I ended up returning it.


I did buy Spoken World Korean at Borders. I glanced at it but haven't really looked at it closely yet. I did like that there was an actual book with lessons, exercises, and explanations, which RS lacked.


You can find a ton of stuff online for learning the alphabet. My daughter taught herself to read and write Hangul in a few months when she was 9.


You might also want to look for Korean schools in your area. They are held on Saturdays and teach Korean children language, culture, etc. Not sure if they would have any resources that your daughter could take advantage of.


Oh, and www.littleseouls.com has some language resources. I've got my eye on the Hello Kitty Hangul workbooks!


Good luck!



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