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Struggling 8yo reader


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I'm trying to figure out what to do with my 8yo and 10yo girls. They were hs'd by Dad last year and, well, it didn't work well. The 8yo is flying through ETC 2 right now and Singapore 1B no problem. She sounds out each letter in a word right now and has few sight words. I'm looking at McRuffy for her - maybe 1st? Singapore is working well - he did basically no instruction with her so she pretty much learned Singapore 1A on her own. I've been doing 1B with her and she seems fine with understanding. That said, I'm looking at MM for math.


Any ideas for LA? Would McRuffy 1 be about right? I think she just needs more 1:1 and reading practice - she's not stupid, just not challenged. She loves cursive and I've been working on that for her. I got FLL and we just started that with she and her sister.


Her 10yo sister is having very little problem with ETC 6 and is at the same math level as her sister (middle of 1B singapore).


I'm not frantic, trying to get them up to "par" as that is the beauty of hs'ing - you're never really "behind" but this can't continue obviously. I've redone my work schedule and will now be hs'ing the girls.


I was looking at LLATL Yellow and Red but would McRuffy be better? Any other ideas? We have lots of Sonlight 5 core literature for reading and that is what DH will be doing - reading literature and I'll work with them on reading, maths and eventually writing (thinking WWE there?).


Ok, now that I have perused MM I'm decided. I'm definitely doing MM with both of them. Just need to figure out Reading/Writing. Doing copywork with 10yo and 8yo does lots of writing (cursive) on her own and in ETC but I'm thinking I need copywork with her too. Still thinking McRuffy for 8yo and thinking LLATL yellow for 10yo?


Just ordered writing strands 2 for the 10yo and TT4 for her also but it may be overkill depending on how MM goes. Not going to worry about grammar for 8yo, might consider it for 10yo but will wait and see.


Ok, I just tested the girls and the 8yo tests at 1.1 and the 10yo at 4.5. So it looks like DEFINITELY grade 1 material for the 8yo but now I'm lost wrt the 10yo. McRuffy ENDS at level 4 - would it make any sense to do it with her? Maybe go with LLATL instead?

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Sorry I am not any help I am new to classical, but how did you test their reading level? I would love to do that with my twins!


I used the test on Don Potter's site - googling reading test or grade level or something like that. :)


For now I'm just going to keep going with ETC and will get McRuffy but she has also expressed an interest in school also so we'll see what happens there (as she really does not yet speak the language fluently enough to go to school here but the school is used to that).


Well, I can't find Don's right now, but google led me to the exact same test here http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/articles/060899.htm

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